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Fuck The French. Screw the French is a Gonzo design film that follows their quest to bang the most effective starlets that are french
Fuck The French. Screw the French is a Gonzo design film that follows their quest to bang the most effective starlets that are french

Shot completely on location in France, Manuel Ferreras flick Fuck the French is really a Gonzo style film that follows their quest to bang the greatest French starlets around

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Shot totally on location in France, Manuel Ferreras flick Fuck the French is a Gonzo design film that follows their quest to screw the most effective starlets that are french. He discovers 4 of those when you look at the roads of Paris and after getting acquainted and admiring the places such as the Eiffel Tower, the pairs return to the homely household and bang one another silly until Manuel pops within their mouths as well as on their faces. These French girls love sex while the more they get fucked, the harder they desire it. For fans of Manuels flicks, their Gonzo design of natural sex just isn't lost in this film. Neither could be the anal lost with every scene featuring long bouts of rectal exams that extend each girls ass hole to its restriction. Doggy style fucking within the ass and cowgirl up the ass delivers Manuels dick deep inside each girls sphincter much for their pleasure. The 4 gorgeous and horny babes that are french Lucy Heart, Cara St Germain, Sophia Laure and Rose Valerie. Each woman has her style that is own and appeal and fucks Manuel in horny fashion. I will suggest this film. Screw the French is exactly what Manuel does in over 3 hours of hardcore anal bliss.

Scene 1: Lucy Heart and Manuel Ferrera

When the scene starts, Manuel is walking on Paris waiting to generally meet Lucy. This woman is a starlet that is russian relocated to France and she really really loves it here. Manuel tells her she seems like A french woman now. He movies and talks to her when you look at the roads of Paris, standing at the French landmarks. He asks her if she speaks French. She does and understands how exactly to state things like bang me. They walk across the street through crowds. Manuel kisses her and marvels at being in Paris with a girl that is beautiful. She doesnt because she wants to be the one to choose like it when guys flirt with her. They get acquainted with one another over meal plus in the automobile trip to Lucys house. She guarantees to welcome him to Paris in a real means he's planning to enjoy. She's got a real method to really make the sense of sexual attraction develop even more powerful and Manuel cant wait. After they make contact with Lucys apartment, she sets for a show for him, walking as much as him, teasing him. Then she undresses down seriously to her bra and panties and spreads her ass cheeks for him. He desires to see more from her and she shows him more, pulling straight down her bra and showing him her tits. She takes his hard cock out of his pants and sucks it, driving Manuel crazy before she strips all the way. She keeps their cock inside her lips and keeps her eyes glued to their.

Lucy gets on the knees to deep throat their big cock. He fucks her lips, making her gag and she appears astonished that their cock has been forced thus far down her neck. She lies regarding the settee on her behalf part and Manuel strums her clitoris like an electric electric electric guitar then starts drilling her pussy and kissing her in the time that is same making her moan in pleasure. The spoon fucking is intense and Lucy holds on to him tight while her pussy gets extended by their big cock. She begins strumming her clitoris too and closes her eyes in euphoria as Manuels drilling gets harder and much deeper inside her. She turns to stay on their hard pole cowgirl design and Manuel makes her pussy the mark of their pumping piston. She climbs down and sucks his cock again, jerking it forward and backward inside her lips. She sucks his balls then works her tongue down to his ass hole when he opens his legs wider. Its time for circular 2 of spoon fucking but this time Manuels cock spreads Lucys ass hole open. He fucks her ass gap even harder than he fucked her pussy and possesses the blood rushing to Lucys face. Lucy greedily sucks their cock in ass to lips action then bends over doggystyle for lots more cock up her ass doggystyle. She fingers her clitoris while their dick disappears far up her ass opening, stretching it to its limitation. He spanks her ass cheeks and bites her ear lobes while their cock hangs inside her ass. She mumbles so it all seems so great. More ass to lips contributes to more ball sucking and ass licking by Lucy before she takes more cock up the ass cowgirl style after which while lying on her straight back. Her closed eyes and mouth that is gaping her intense sense of pleasure while Manuels cock fills her ass opening. He takes out and Lucy falls to her knees, starting her mouth and watches as their spunk shoots down her neck as well as on her breasts. Without doubt, she grabs hold of their cock and sucks it, swallowing more cum.

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