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POWERFUL AT 40AC Non-stop high performance and complete ranked wattage at 40AC/104AF ambient temperature.
POWERFUL AT 40AC Non-stop high performance and complete ranked wattage at 40AC/104AF ambient temperature.

ACTIVE DUAL-12V auto vibrant burden circulation on multi-12V outlines create high-voltage stability electricity independently into GPU therefore the Central Processing Unit. If you aren't utilizing all result lines, the PSU automatically reroutes necessary power from untouched traces. This boosts the performance and security associated with the 12V contours substantially for techniques with top-quality graphics cards in SLIA or CrossFireA form.

CONFORMING WITH ErP Lot6 2013 power usage in standby is actually SPECIFICATIONS

After unboxing the ability offer, you're going to be met with the tool it self, securely packaged inside some styrofoam and a thinner case (to safeguard the fittings). Furthermore within the box try a group of standard wires, a little user guide, certain wire links, setting up screws and AC cable tv. The standard cables are sealed in thin, plastic insulation with all the COUGAR logo printed to them, rather than the usual product covering of the wiring.

The power offer casing is a distinctive, stylish design, surrounding the tangerine and black colored theme regarding the COUGAR brand name. The power supply is slightly more deep than the standard ATX measurement, however, this should not pose any problems to the majority of users. The non-modular cables of this power (motherboard, Central Processing Unit plus one PCI-E) tend to be sealed when you look at the regular black sleeving and then leave the system through a tiny hole. Additionally existing about this region of the unit are eight connections for standard wires (four SATA/peripheral and four PCI-E). The total collection of eight modular wiring are included inside 1000W design, while lower wattage designs posses a lot fewer cables.

Unofficially with the device that may deal with outwards when attached in your Computer may be the COUGAR logo, published on a tangerine and black colored background, getting the motif for the COUGAR brand name. In the event the situation are windowed, the design will be advanced and classy. The bottom of the ability source (which will be hidden) features a sticker showing the specifications, model, serial amounts many safety details.

The outside side of the power-supply (which is obvious behind the Computer) contains the regular hexagonal perforations, a sizable power switch together with AC cable relationship. It is going to appear basic and may merge completely with most PC body. In general, the energy sources have a contemporary, premiums concept and that's good and shows the price tag and gratification of item.

INTERNAL PARTS The CMX v3 does not only highlight reasonably limited style, moreover it hosts reduced pair of inner components which deliver durable, top-notch show. The follower used are a DFB132512H by kids Lin technology, one of the better 140mm air conditioning followers designed for electricity offers, with a max increase of 2500RPM. This enthusiast offers over enough air conditioning for your power-supply, that makes it highly extremely unlikely that product will overheat, actually at maximum incorporate.

The interior construction is very good, using equipment almost completely given by HEC (the mother organization of Cougar). The PSU creates a 12V range, whilst the 3.3V and 5V outlines are produced utilizing transformation circuits. As previously mentioned prior, the ability sources provides an 80-PLUS bronze score, but from the internal components, really unusual that the PSU decided not to become a greater review. In effect, I would imagine it is going to carry out a little much better than 80-PLUS bronze standards, however, it cannot be verified this is the truth for every configurations.

BENCHMARKING As we do not have professional electricity assessment machines, we are screening the power supplies making use of benchmark examinations in a PC setup. Regarding studies, the power source was actually tested in a high-end PC in a space at regular room-temperature.

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HEAT the energy supplies sang better under load with respect to heat. At Least weight (around 30percent in regards to our set-up), the exhaust environment from power-supply have a temperature of around 29AC. When this load risen up to greatest (97per cent on all of our create), the temperature in the atmosphere leaving the energy present had been about 35.5AC. This temperatures is very good for an electric present at greatest weight, and it also suggests that the cooling system is sufficient for equestrian singles przeglД…d top-quality, lasting incorporate. A failure of conditions were shown below:

30percent BURDEN - 29AC 40per cent BURDEN - 30.5AC 50percent WEIGHT - 31.5AC 60% LOAD - 32AC 70% WEIGHT - 33AC 80percent BURDEN - 33.8AC 90% WEIGHT - 34.8AC 97% BURDEN - 35.5AC

SOUNDS Although the follower is excellent for air conditioning, it is far from by far the most quiet enthusiast available on the market. Up to in 35percent burden, the enthusiast is not all that visible, but as that figure increases, it becomes audible (around 50percent) and is quite a bit deafening at full-load. Not surprisingly, its manageable and few people will likely be utilizing the power supply at greatest burden.

ELECTRICITY PRODUCTION Multimeter people used at different lots allow us to consider your 5V and 3.3V lines will always be within A0.1V, even though the 12V range is A0.3V. At 70percent burden, the 5V and 3.3V traces supply their exact voltages. Whenever the weight falls below 50per cent or above 85%, they often stay 0.1V above her mentioned outputs. The 12V range averages at 12.2V more often than not, however, the current increases to 12.3V whenever idle.

PRODUCTIVITY At 230V AC insight, the ability present is able to easily attain 80-PLUS gold rankings. At 50percent load, it peaks at practically 90percent productivity, while at idle & optimum burden, efficiency sits at 85.5% to 86%. The reason why the energy offer decided not to have the 80-PLUS gold score is caused by that when given sole 110V AC, it falls below 85percent efficiency at idle and 100percent tons, whilst the top overall performance is lower to just under 88.5%. This unpleasant means they sits only away from limits of 80-PLUS bronze, but if you are deploying it at 230V, it'll perform to 80-PLUS sterling silver guidelines for you.

To conclude, this power undoubtedly offers premium abilities, ideal for high-end games creates. The wonderful abilities normally fulfilled with a top-class trendy build, and is ideal for windowed Computer situation. The effectiveness, energy legislation and air conditioning show are common remarkable your class associated with the power-supply and most enough for a top conclusion Computer create.

In terms of cost, the 700W adaptation clocks in at an RRP of $109.99, the 850W prices $129.99 even though the 1000W will come in at $159.99, all-excellent value for all the high quality. That is why, the COUGAR CMX v3 was our best top-quality power-supply!

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